Nia Lestari, M.Pd

NIP. 19871102 201903 2 016


Full name & title Nia Lestari, M.Pd.
Date of Birth 2 November 1987
Years with Firm/Entity  

3 years

Nationality Indonesia
E-mail [email protected]
Sinta Profile
Google Schoolar
Membership of profesional Societis 1.    ICA (Indonesia Chef Association) BPD Jawa Barat

2.    West Java Food Nutrition

Detail Task Assigned 1.    Lecturer in Culinary Education Study Program

2.    Scientific Publication

3.    Professional Certification Institute (LSP)

Last grade and position  

Lecturer – Gol. III/b

Key Qualifications


 Culinary Education
Education 1 . Bachelor’s Degree (S1) Culinary Education Study Program, UPI, Bandung – Indonesia  (2010)

2 . Master’s Degree (S2) Vocational Technology Education, UPI, Bandung – Indonesia (2015)

Selected Publication


1.       Tourism Consumer Behavior. 2021.

2.       Introduction to Tourism and Hospitality, 2021.

3.       Google Classroom as a Collaboration Tool for Blended Learning in Vocational Education – 2021

4.       Blended Learning in Vocational education – 2020

Recognitions Speaker

1.    Webinar “Tips for a Healthy Food Lifestyle during the Covid-19 Pandemic and PPKM (2021)

2.    Vocational Skills-Based Culinary and Business Training for Youth SOS Children Village Indonesia (2021)

Guest Lecturer

1.       Course Decoration Dishes / Culinary Arts, State University of Malang 2021

2.       Dietetics / Dietetic Nutrition Course, State University of Malang 2021

Editorial Board Jurnal

1.    Nutrition and Culinary Education Media (MPGK), UPI

2.   Journal of Information Technology and Vocational Education, State University of Lampung