Dr. Yulia Rahmawati, M.Si
NIP. 19670720 199302 2 009
Assistant Professor
Full name & title Dr. Yulia Rahmawati, M.Si
Date of Birth 20 Juli 1967
Years with Firm/Entity  

29 years

Nationality Indonesia
E-mail [email protected]
Sinta Profile https://bit.ly/3l1DMxQ
Google Schoolar https://bit.ly/38ME48J
Membership of profesional Societis


1.     Indonesian Culinary Education Study Program Forum Association (FPS PTBI)

2.     Association of Indonesian Vocational Lecturers and Teachers  (ADGVI)

3.     Indonesian Curriculum Developer Association (HIPKIN)

4.     Indonesian Chef Association (ICA)

5.     Indonesian University of Education Alumni Association.

6.     Indonesian Nutrition Food

Detailed Task Assigned 1.     Lecture in culinary study program

2.     Head of Culinary Education


Last grade and position



Assistant Professor – Gol. III/d

Key Qualifications   Culinary Curriculum (Culinary).


Education 1.    Doctorate (S3), Curriculum Development. Universitas Pendidikan Indonesia, 2015

2.    Master’s degree (S2), community nutrition and family resources. Institut Pertanian Bogor, 1997

3.    Bachelor’s degree (S1), Family welfare education (culinary), IKIP Bandung ,1990.


Selected Publication


1.       Adaptive Curriculum Development on Tourism Vocational Secondary Education Vol. 5, No. 1, 2021, Online Version First, Applied Science and Innovative Research, ISSN 2474-4972 (Print)    ISSN 2474-4980 (Online).

2.       Generic Competencies and Specific Competencies among Teacher Education Institutions in Indonesia, Vol. 5, No. 1, 2021, Online Version First, Applied Science and Innovative Research, ISSN 2474-4972 (Print)    ISSN 2474-4980 (Online).

3.       The Faculty Management Readiness and Perception of Student in Implementing, Volume 3 No.1, Issue 1 2018, IRJAES, 2455-9024

4.       The Teaching Of Halal Food In Schools Curriculum In Indonesia. Volume IV No. 2, Issue Oktober 2018, SIPATAHOENAN, 2407-7348

Recognitions     Speaker

1.     Webinar: The Study of the World Maritime Role. “Our Maritime Commodity” April 17, 2021, Nusantara Center Jakarta.

2.     Webinar : “Chef’s Active Role in Producing Superior Human Resources” January 1, 2020, ICA, USAID, UPI, LPT Panghegar and FPPKPI West Java.

3.     Culinary Training for Youth SOS Children’s Villages Indonesia. July-September 2021, SOS Children’s Villages Indonesia.

4.     Preparation of the Academic Draft Evaluation of the 2013 Curriculum for Vocational High Schools, Curriculum and Books Center of the Ministry of Education and Culture, Research and Technology, 23-25 ​​October 2020, Aston Hotel Bandung.

5.     PEKERTI Training for Internship Lecturers at the Indonesian University of Education,2021

6.     PEKERTI Training for lecturers in L2DIKTI Region IV Ministry of Education and Culture, Indonesian University of Education, 2020


1.    Webinar of the Indonesian Curriculum Developer Association (HIPKIN) Edition 3, 18 May 2020

2.    UPI Alfurqon Mosque Women’s Study Webinar, “Women’s Fiqh” 30 April 2020

Guest Jury

1.       Exemplary Headmaster Competition for Education and Culture Office, Propinsi Jawa Barat

2.       Exemplary Administration Staff Competition (TAS) Department of Education and Culture. Propinsi Jawa Barat

3.       West Java Ethnic Food Contest, organizer of DEPERINDAG AGRO . Jawa Barat.

4.       Cake Decorating Contest, UPI Anniversary