Dr. Rita Patriasih, M.Si

NIP. 19700811 199802 2 002

Assistant Professor

Full name & title Dr. Rita Patriasih, M.Si.
Date of Birth 11 August 1970
Years with Firm/Entity 24 years
Nationality Indonesia
E-mail [email protected]
Sinta Profile https://bit.ly/3FEzGUw
Google Schoolar https://bit.ly/37DLKtj
Membership of profesional Societis


1.    Indonesia Culinary Education Study Program Forum Association (FPS. PTBI).

2.    Association of Indonesian Vocational Lecturers and Teachers (ADGVI).

3.    Indonesian Curriculum Developer Association (HIPKIN).

4.    Indonesian Chef association (ICA).

5.    Indonesian Food Nutrition

Detail Task Assigned 1.    Lecturer in Culinary Education Study Program

2.    Quality Control Cluster

3.    Web Development Team

4.    Curriculum Development Team

Last grade and position Assistant Professor – Gol. III/d
Key Qualifications 1.     Nutrition Science

2.    Nutrition Education



1.       Bachelor degree (S1), Family welfare education (culinary),  Universitas Pendidikan Indonesia .1996.

2.      Master’s degree (S2), community nutrition and family resources. Institut Pertanian Bogor. 2005.

3.       Doctorate (S3), Curriculum development, Universitas Pendidikan Indonesia. 2015.

Selected Publication



1.     Health Education Media “Smart with Your Foods” Increasing Selection of Foods Knowledge for Elementary School Students. 2017. INVOTEC. Vol VIII (1): 21-26. http://ejournal.upi.edu/index.php/invotec.

2.     Effectiveness of Inquiry-Based Self Control Learning Model against Increase in Food Hygiene Behaviors through Sanitation Hygiene Subject in Catering Vocational Student. 2015. The 3rd UPI Int Conference on TVET. Published by Atlantis Press. p:171-174.

3.     Nutrients Intake and Nutritional Status of Street Children in Bandung. 2010.  Journal of Nutrition and Food. IPB. 5(3): 178–184.

4.     Buku: Social Changes, Food and Nutrition Systems, and Dietary Diversity of Indigenous People in West Java: A Study in Kasepuhan Ciptagelar and Sinar Resmi. 2016. IPB Press. ISBN: 978-979-493-951-2

5.     Buku: A Study of Nutritional Satus, Health Characterisrics and Psyychosocial Aspect of Elderly Living with their Family and of Those Living in Nursing House. 2013. IPB Press. ISBN: 978-979-493-568-2


Recognitions   Speaker:

1.       Resource Person: Vocational Skills-based Culinary and Business Training for Youth SOS Children’s Village Indonesia. Bandung. 2021.

2.       Talkshow: The Role of Vocational Education in Encouraging Millennial Generation to Build Entrepreneurial Character. Nurul Imam IT School Campus. Bandung Barat. 17 December 2019.

3.       In House Training for Integrated Islamic Vocational Schools & Vocational Schools of Nurul Imam “Together Starting Change”. 13 July 2018

4.       Healthy Breakfast Education. Indonesian Food Nutrition. Bandung. 2017

5.       Socialization of Likes to Drink Milk and Eat Eggs. Bandung City Department of Food and Agriculture. 2017

6.       Seminar on Healthy Breakfast and Safe Snacks Towards a Healthy Generation of Achievers. Indonesian Food Nutrition. Bandung. 2016.

7.       Parenting Training: An Introduction to Nutritional Functions for Early Childhood. Bandung City Education Office. 2015



1.       HIPKIN Webinar Edition 2. Anticipatory Education and Distance Learning Strategies During the Covid-19 Pandemic. 11 May 2020.



1.       Preparation of the Academic Draft Evaluation of the 2013 Curriculum for Vocational High Schools, 23-25 ​​October 2020, Aston Hotel Bandung.

2.       Preparation of PPG Daljab learning tools.  Dirjen GTK. Kemendikbud. 2019.

3.       PPG Hybrid Learning Developer. 2018.


  Guest Lecturer

1.       Dietetics and Dietetic Nutrition Course. Department of Catering. Faculty of Engineering. Universitas Negeri Malang. 2021

2.       Food and Nutrition Data Analysis Course. Department of Community Nutrition – IPB. 2013



1.       Journal of Education and Hospitality – Prodi PKK UNJ.

2.       Journal ARGIPA –  UHAMKA


3.       Reviewer of Printed Teaching Materials: Nutrition and Health Science Module. FKIP. Universitas Terbuka. 2020.