Dr. Cica Yulia, S.Pd, M.Si

NIP. 19800701 200501 2 001

Associate Professor

Full name & title Dr. Cica Yulia, S.Pd, M.Si
Date of Birth Bandung, 1 July 1980
Years with Firm/Entity   17 years
Nationality Indonesia
E-mail [email protected]
Sinta Profile https://bit.ly/3kZapwf
Google Schoolar https://bit.ly/3vdZYJF
Membership of profesional Societis


1.    Secretary of Food and Nutrition Society  of Indonesia Region West Java

2.    Member of Association of Indonesian Culinary Education Study Program

3.    Member of  Forum Doktor Muda Indonesia Region West Java

4.    Head of  Yayasan Makanan dan Minuman Region West Java

5.    Member of  Indonesian Chef Association

Detail Task Assigned 1.    Lecturer in Culinary Education Study Program

2.    Head of Culinary Nutrition Laboratorium

3.    Scientific Publication

4.    Professional Certification Institute (LSP)

Last grade and position



Associate Professor – Gol. IV/a

Key Qualifications 1.    Nutrition Science

2.    Nutrition Education

3.    Pastry

4.    Food and Beverage Service

Education 1.     Doctorate (S3), in Nutrition Science. Institut Pertanian Bogor, 2018

2.     Master’s degree (S2), community nutrition and family resources. Institut Pertanian Bogor, 2008

3.     Bachelor’s degree (S1), Family welfare education (culinary), Universitas Pendidikan Indonesia, 2004

Selected Publication


1.    Effect of nutrition education and traditional game-based physical activity interventions, on lipid profile improvement in overweight and obese children in West Java Indonesia. 2021. Nutrition Research Practice.  (Scopus Indexed)

2.    Designing EDU_MAKUGIZ DIGIPEDIA As a Nutrition Education Medium For Teenagers. Jestec. 2019 (Scopus Indexed)

3.    Nutritional Status, Lipid Profile and Blood Pressure among Primary Schoolchildren in Urban West Java, Indonesia, Pakistan Journal of Nutrition. 2018. (Scopus Indexed)

4.    Augmented reality of traditional food for nutrition education. MATEC Web of Conferences 197, 16001 (2018) (Scopus Indexed)

5.    Nutritional Status, Physical Activity, and Sedentary Activity of School Children in Urban Area, West Java, Indonesia. Jurnal Gizi dan Pangan 13 (3), 123-130 | vol: | issue : | 2018 (Nasional Indexed Journal Shinta 2)

6.    Preliminary Study in Developing Traditional Street Foods as Nutrition Education Media for Indonesia Youth. Innovation of Vocational Technology Education.2017

Recognitions  Keynote and Presenter

1.    Keynote Speaker Webinar series Food and Nutrition Society Indonesian, (Nutritional aspect and Uniqueness of traditional food from Provinces in Indonesia), 2021

2.    Keynote Speaker Training of pastry product based local food, Departement of Food Security and agriculture, Bandung, West Java. 2021

3.    Keynote Speaker at Indonesian Creative Camp Vocational High School, Directorate General of Vocational, Indoensia. 2020

4.    Speaker in Culinary and business Training based on vocational, Non Government Organization  SOS Children Village.

5.    Reviewer for Colocium Doctoral student in Nutrition Science, Institut Pertanian Bogor, 2021

6.    Presenter at World Public Health and Nutrition (WPHN) Congress Brisbane Australia, 2020

7.    Presenter at a joint conference with Japan Advanced Institute of Science and Technology (JAIST) Japan, 2018

 Journal and Book Reviewer

1.    Reviewer for Nutrition and dietary supplement Journal, Dove Medical Press, New Zealand.

2.    Reviewer at Sains Boga Journal, Jakarta State University.

3.    Reviewer at Gastronomy and Hospitality Journal, Culinary and Patiserie Academi,  OTTIMMO INTERNATIONAL.

4.    National Book Reviewer, Center for curriculum and books, Ministry of education and culture. 2018-2020


1.       National Technical Assistant. Indonesian nutritional status study 2020 – 2021

2.       Satyalancana Karya Satya award (10 year) from President of Indonesia

3.       The Third Place Best Lecturer in the Field of social humanities, Universitas Pendidikan Indonesia, in 2018.

4.       Sertification as Editor from National Professional Certification Agency

 Visiting Lecturer

1.     Invited as a guest lecturer for culinary nutrition, Nutrition Department, Institut Pertanian Bogor, 2015 & 2016

2.     Invited as a guest lecturer for developing products made of Sagoo, Sekolah Vokasi, IPB, 2016

3.     Lecturer for Nutrition and Health in Indonesia Open University