Dr. Ai Mahmudatussa’adah, S.Pd., M.Si

NIP. 19780716 200604 2 004

Associate Professor

Full name & title Dr. Ai Mahmudatussa’adah, S.Pd., M.Si
Date of Birth 16-July-1978
Years with Firm/Entity  16 years


Nationality Indonesia
E-mail [email protected]
Sinta Profile https://bit.ly/3xa2iSm
Google Schoolar https://bit.ly/3jwsfpp
Membership of profesional Societis


 Member of the Association of Food Technologists
Detail Task Assigned 1.       Lecturer in Culinary Education Study Program

2.       Professional Certification Institute (LSP)

3.       Student Affairs

Last grade and position



Associate Professor – Gol. IV/a

Key Qualifications 1.       Food Science : explore food science, especially the exploration of abundant food ingredients in Indonesia that have not been utilized.

2.       Functional Food: developing food products that have a good function for health in addition to nutritional components.

3.       Halal and Good Food Education: socialization, education, and integrating good and halal food in lectures

Education 1.     Doctorate (S3), Food Science

2.     Master’s degree (S2), Food Science

3.     Bachelor’s degree (S1), Chemistry Education, Universitas Pendidikan Indonesia, Bandung.

Selected Publications


1.      Ai Mahmudatussa’adah, Dedi F, Nuri A, Feri K. 2014. Color Characteristics And Antioxidant Activity Of Purple Sweet Potato Anthocyanins. Journal of Food Technology & Industry. Volume 25 No. 2, Pages: 176-184.

2.      Ai Mahmudatussa’adah. 2014. Chemical Composition of Sweet Potato (Ipomoea batatas L) Cilembu at Various Storage Times as Raw Material for Liquid Sugar. Bulog Food Journal. Vol 23 No.I / 2014, pp: 53-64.

3.      Ai Mahmudatussa’ada, Dedi F, Nuri A, Feri K. 2014. Effect of Heat Treatment on the monomeric concentration of purple sweet potato (Ipomoea batatas L) anthocyanins. AGRITECH Journal of Agricultural Technology UGM. Volume 35, No. 2 pp. 129-136.

4.       Ai Mahmudatussa’ada, Patriasih, RR Maulani, Karpin. The effect steaming on Color and Amount of Anthocyanin of Purple Sweet Potato Flour. Proceeding of the 7th MSCEIS. European Alliance for Innovation EAI ,European Union Digital Library (EUDL)

5.       A Mahmudatussa’adah, RR Maulani, R Patriasih, K Karpin, T Setiawati, A Juwaedah, AS Nurani, EL Wiraatmadja. Puree sweet potato substitution in wet noodle processing. Journal of Physics: Conference Series 1869012061. Annual Conference on Science and Technology (ANCOSET 2020). IOP Publishing 2021

Recognitions Source person for vocational skills-based culinary and business class training for youth SOS children’s villages Indonesia, 2021